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Are you a hard working, talented and driven individual who wants to work for one of the world's leading and most fast growing sports nets companies - Net World Sports ('Net World Football' is a trading division of 'Net World Sports Ltd')

Here at Net World Sports, every member of our team is dedicated towards moving the company forward everyday. From our fantastic customer service on the phone, to keeping our websites and online services up-to-date, to preparing the shipping of products from our warehouse, it is crucial that every member of the team is playing their part in making the business succeed.

If you believe you have the work ethic and capabilities to succeed in this environment, let us know!

To apply for any positions available or to make enquiries about working for Net World Sports, please contact us by:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 01691 683807



Web Content Editors

Positions available: 3

We are looking for web editors with an accurate eye-for-detail when it comes to creating and updating web content, for the fast growing sports equipment e-commerce business in the UK.

The internet is a huge market for sports equipment suppliers today, and Net World Sports is right at the forefront. Here we want creative and highly motivated individuals to be keeping website text, images and pricing up to date for 30+ and ever increasing websites, as well as hugely popular products on selling channels ebay and amazon (within the UK and USA respectively). We have websites in many countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and this list is currently increasing. We want the very best customer experience on our websites for all our clientele around the Globe.

Our company is rising rapidly at the moment, so now is the time to come aboard and make a significant contribution to our success. With the ever increasing scope of websites to take care of, your potential will be fulfilled whilst working for us. You can also bring your own ideas to the table to help develop and innovate our online marketing approach.

Essential skills required:

  • Experience in HTML essential, knowledge of CSS is a bonus
  • Experience using content management systems (knowledge of using Magento for updating website product information and prices will be advantageous for candidates)

Desired skills (not essential but advantageous for candidates who possess them):

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Updating content on selling channels ebay and amazon

Job outline

  • Keeping web content up-to-date where and when required on all websites (mainly using the magento ecommerce content management system)
  • Providing sizable contributions to conceptualisation of website design and functionality
  • Improve online marketing campaigns via Google Adwords
  • Incorporating keywords in webpage content and meta data as well as inter-website linking, for improved search engine optimization
  • Use of data collected from Google Analytics to analyse website performance and how it can be improved.

Type of person we're looking for

  • Real eye for detail an absolute must (for photographs, writing skills and webpage content alignment)
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Capable of meeting regular deadline
  • Hard working
  • Self-motivated
  • Good team worker


Web Developers

Positions available: 2

We are looking for highly skilled web developers to bring even greater versatility, usability and functionality to our wide scope of websites. With 30+ websites already active and a very strong presence in the sports equipment commercial sector, there is lots of room for you to greatly fulfil your potential in gaining invaluable experience of contributing enormously to the growth of the most rapidly expanding sports equipment supplier in the UK.

With a strong client base in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Canada already, we are looking not only to improve the internet experience for our customers in these regions, but all reach out to many other regions wanting more from our service in their countries as well. Therefore, you would be in charge over developing the back and front end of our websites (with helpful assistance from our highly competent web editing team on front end design and content), using all the knowledge you to create the most customer-friendly websites possible, using the magento e-commerce platform as well as bringing all your expertise on board to develop even more flexible/bespoke non-mangeto websites. As well as this, you will also have the crucial responsibility of maintaining and improving are advanced order management system, from improving it's functionality and compatibility to work with our selling channels on ebay and amazon (as well as incorporating any new ones) to ensuring that it is working smoothly at all times.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is wishing to fulfil their potential of the web development knowledge they have in playing a crucial role in the worldwide expansion of ever growing e-commerce business.

Essential skills required:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Knowledge of developing websites built around the Magento e-commerce platform, working on current and new magento stores (this skill is an absolutely necessity)

Desired skills (not essential but advantageous for candidates who possess them):

  • Websites designed for smartphones and tablets
  • Development of smartphone and tablet applications
  • HTML 5
  • CSS3
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Adobe creative suite (preferably Photoshop and Illustrator)

Job outline

  • Pro-actively involved in the website development process
  • Using coding knowledge to build, improve and maintain websites using Magento
  • Also developing new websites not incorporating Magento
  • Improving and building websites appearance and functionality on smartphones and tablets
  • Designing and developing applications for portable touch screen devices (if candidate has the skill set in order to do so)
  • Monitoring and improving our advanced order management system, which links to magneto, amazon and ebay selling channels (with the potential for more selling channels to be incorporated as the company continues to expand rapidly)

Type of person we're looking for

  • Passion for website development
  • Fantastic attention to detail (this is an absolute must, particular for webspage layout alignment)
  • Ability to use initiative
  • Capable of meeting regular deadlines
  • Hard working
  • Self-motivated
  • Good team worker


Head of Accounts

Positions available: 1

We are looking for a highly skilled and dedicated person to be responsible for our accounts team in ensuring accounting, reporting, tax, treasury, banking, acquisition and other requirements are carried out competently. We are a rapidly expanding business which is serving customers in many different countries around the world, and continue to extend our reach to many more parts of the Globe that would like our service. You will be organised and capable delegating tasks to other members of staff in the accountancy department, therefore playing an integral role in the growth of the fastest growing sports equipment supplier in the UK.

With Net World Sports providing business to a wide range of clientele, not only around the world, but also for many different types of customer, ranging from thousands of shoppers for home, sports club, school and higher education equipment, to Premier League Football Club, Grand Slam Tennis and international cricket facilities), you will be responsible for purchase orders, tkaing monthly and quarterly reports and cash flow forecasts, ensuring all monetary transactions conform with legislative and geographical requirements. As head of accounting, you will be using your extensive knowledge to direct the rest of the accounting team to ensuring all tasks are completed correctly.

Net World sports currently has a very large market in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Ireland, and so we are requiring greater resources as the company continues to grow. Your role will therefore one of high responsibility as you utilise (and almost certainly develop) your accounting skills to play a key role in our company's meteoric rise. We want you to grow with the company, so as the company benefits, so will you.

Essential skills required:

  • Good management/delegation skills (experience in accounts management)
  • Lots of experience in working in accounts
  • Using Sage (essential)
  • Good filing and administration skills

Job outline

  • Meet strict deadlines
  • Liaise with staff in USA
  • Work with many currencies (GDP, USD, EURO, CND, AUD, NZD, HKD and others) and accounts relating to transactions between different countries
  • Making sure accounts comply with monetary legislation (e.g. VAT)
  • Undertake monthly and quarterly account reports
  • Providing monthly and quarterly cash flow forecasts
  • Being in charge of the staff payroll
  • Dealing with purchase order invoices
  • Regular meetings with senior management of the company

Type of person we're looking for

  • Use initiative
  • Proactive
  • Problem solving (spot and resolve variances in account figures)
  • Very good organisational skills


Sales Executive

Positions available: 1

We are looking for the very, very best person possible to join our sales team in pushing the UK's fastest growing sports equipment business to even greater success. You will highly driven and will have proven experience of fantastic sales performance.

Net World Sports continues to exceed expectations in providing sports equipment to clients all across the consumer spectrum, from thousands of shoppers for home, school and higher education equipment, to Premier League Football Club, Grand Slam Tennis and international cricket facilities). We are ever increasing our product range and clientele, so we want people with the sales skills to continue you rapid expansion.

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to maximise their sales potential in a market where the scope of experience and reward is endless if they wish to gain it. You will without question learn invaluable experience from the incredible sales team we already have in place who have taken the company to the heights it already assumes.

Essential skills required:

  • Tenacious seller
  • Good at building relationships with customers/clients
  • Good people person/understanding of customers
  • Good presentation skills and competent in face to face meetings
  • Knowledge of sport (most relevantly - sports equipment) is an advantage
  • Very good verbal/communication skills - good on the phone
  • Strong negotiation skills

Job outline

  • Will create new business opportunities for the company
  • Phone/email based job
  • Exciting and fast paced environment - working for the fasting growing sports equipment supplier in the United Kingdom
  • Person in this role will have lots of responsibility and will play a significant part in the company's success - Required to come up with quotes quickly

Type of person we're looking for

  • Charismatic, articulate and quick thinking
  • Competitive
  • Self-motivated
  • Commercially aware
  • Very professional in representation and presentation